Coming soon! The First Ursimian Fog Dispensing Apparatus! (FU FDA)

A high performance, affordable mechanical mod... made right here in the United States? Why yes, yes it is. Contact Us for more details on how to get in on this at launch!
Ursimian has partnered with multiple manufacturers and suppliers to bring top quality gear to our catalog beyond our own developments. We are always looking for more manufactures to add to our portfolio, if you want to focus on MAKING and less on MARKETING, contact us!
Ursimian LLC develops it's own vaporizers and accessories. From the FUFDA to the Aero Dripper to the Ursimian line of drip tips. We design and refine in house and then either manufacture in house or outsource to U.S.A Based shops.
We also process supplies like wick and wire and package them in retail ready units so all you have to do is open the box and stock your shelves.
Ursimian LLC is the home of Grizzly Vapes and soon, many other juice labels. All our liquid is produced in a proprietary blending process that chemically stabilizes the components so the juice requires no steeping and retains a true flavor for months. This creates an amazingly shelf stable juice and a uniquely consistent user experience.
We source only top shelf, FDA approved ingredients and mix, bottle, and package in a controlled environment managed by our resident Chemist.